3/7/23 - 3:55pm

its been months and school took a big bite outa my free time but im so close to finishing up v1 of the site and close to finishing the video announcing it!

spent a good bit of time putting together the video and getting everything together all the stuff for the site and relearning html. i know it'll feel surreal when i'll be able to just look at the site and appreciate how far ive come and the body of work ive accumulated since i started saving my art as a kid. along the way while working on it i kinda forgot that this site is just as much for me as it is for the friendly people online that tell me they like my stuff. i was on call with some friends last night and they reminded me :)

12/24/22 - 12:01am

writing this as im building the website. i did like a crazy amount of progress on the site today which is really great since i've been meaning to code and set everythang up for a while. ive been excited about finishing the site and releasing it to the hounds for a while but html is actually very fun and gratifying so i'm gonna try to enjoy building the rest of the pages.

i journal regularly right now so im pretty sure these blog posts on my site will be mainly related to my thoughts on making stuff (animation, art, music, videos, etc.) and idk anything i want to put on here. my insight and thoughts on the process and the craft if u will.

im coding the pages from easiest to most challenging, hence why this is one of the first pages i've made. although i'll have to figure out how to make different pages to click back on when i write too many blog posts and there need to be different pages. i still dunno how im gonna code the animation and art pages but i'll figure it out. i was tryna include the descriptions to damn slunk and virtual salamander under the album art but it was kinda clunky so i'm just gonna leave it to be exclusive to the bandcamp pages and only the real ones will read it. alright bye good night.