squeakie daniel live at fawkfest

48 hour film i did with niko for an anthology [2:42]


oc animation [0:10]

me and gary chilling

unfinished animatic [0:27]

fushigi reanimated segment

part i animated for fushigi reanimated [0:03]

birthday mambo

little video from my bday [0:11]


toma greets his grandma on the way out. [1:21]


SYSM Promo #1

announcement for my christmas album [0:33]

SYSM Promo #2

promo vid for my christmas album [0:18]


oc animation. song from part time ufo. [0:15]

CSP Bumpers

bumpers i made for my CSP animation tutorial [0:15]

dont get on here parappin

parappa the rapper animation [0:31]

derrek election video

video i made in 2 hours to win an election [0:51]

mario 2 joke

mario 2 joke [0:11]

new khonjin

khonjin reanimated [0:35]


monkey walk

first thang i animated in blender [0:21]

long grapes

animation for class about me and long grapes [1:40]

super monkey boys

animated audio of me and my friend josh playing monkey ball [2:13]

khonjin waffle

unfinished animatic [0:12]

ladder crossing

animal crossing animatic w/ eric andre audio [0:41]